Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I love the Christmas season and this year I have enjoyed it more being able to share it with my granddaughters. Little children bring such a joy to the season. Braelyn has quite the imagination and the things she says makes us laugh. One day she asked if I wanted to see Santa. I said yes and she ran in to the office and grabbed the Santa hat and then sat down in the chair. She put on the hat and had everyone sit on her lap and tell her what we wanted for
Christmas. She would reach into her pocket and pull out our present and hand it to us.
For our company party we went bowling and out to dinner. I lost, but it wasn't my fault since I couldn't find a ball that worked for me. Taryn won and we wonder if she really is attending school or if she spends her time bowling. We ate at Los Hermonos and our waitress told Taryn that her friend would give her five dollars if she got Taryns phone number for her. After finding out he was older then Taryn and a returned missionary she gave him her number. We will have to find out how it went. Christmas Eve we saw Australia and enjoyed it. Then that night we had a WII tournament. I had some hope that I would do okay since I had beat Taylor a few times playing air hockey and bowling. I guess it was just a fluke because Taylor won most of the games and got the prized trophy, that he has to display in his room until next year.
Christmas day was the only day Braelyn has ever slept in. So we changed out plans, had a big breakfast and then gathered to talk to Greg. It's great hearing his voice and being able to talk to him. He is doing great and loves teaching the gospel. Only two more phone calls, two more general conference's and he is home. So for the first time ever we didn't start opening presents until 10:30. By then Berkely was asleep but we figured she wouldn't care. Braelyn was so cute and sweet over every gift. Everything she got was beautiful and she loved it. But then the two-year old side kicked in and she didn't want the gifts to stop. When Berkley finally woke up Braelyn was more then happy to help her open the gifts. The snow had started that night and didn't stop until that afternoon. Luckily the plows came by that afternoon so I grabbed Taylor and tried out my GPS. I'm now ready to drive anywhere. It was a nice Christmas.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fat and Bald

Berkley will be 7 months in a few days. She is a happy sweet baby. When you walk in a room she smiles so big that you can fill how much she loves you.
For a few days she was doing this crazy smile, she would tilt her head back and close her eyes. It's fun to have a baby in our house again.