Saturday, October 29, 2011

General Conference Weekend.

I accidentally deleted this picture and now I can't get it back in order. So we will start with it. Lauren's cute family.

Lauren's family joined us at the cabin for Conference weekend. Her family is great and very easy to have up there. I feel like all I do is sit and they cook and clean-up so it's great. Saturday in between sessions we headed up Rhodes Canyon. Greg and the girls all took a turn on the swing.

The colors were gorgeous. My Mom was at the ranch so we had her bring her Ranger and go with us on the drive.

We drove up to the top and they valley you can see is North Fork. You can even see the road that you take to the bottom of the Grand Daddies.

For Christmas Taryn wanted to get a picture of me and my Dad to put up in the cabin. As I searched for one I realized that my options were very limited. I'll never have that opportunity to have a great picture with him so I'm trying hard to take more pictures of the people that I love. Now I just need to remember to do that at reunions and family parties. Her is me and my cute Mom.

Finally Steve got done talking to a group of riders and I grabbed him for a picture. I've been up here many times, but am still amazed at how beautiful it is. It was a wonderful weekend. I felt like every talk was just for me. I loved it and spending it with family friends made for a awesome weekend.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Guns, guns and more guns

The last two weekends out to the cabin we seem to have a theme going. Steve got a shotgun for Christmas and this is only the second time he has got it out. Lauren's family came out for General Conference and after the second session before they had to leave for Priesthood we got the guns out. I even tried the shotgun and the 22. Neither of them have a kick so it was fun. The 22 I could hit the target, but I missed the clay pigeons with the shot-gun. Lauren's sister Sidney came out to shoot with us and even hit one of the pigeons.

I then had to bring out my 9mm and let everyone try it out.

It is a fun gun to shoot, but really loud. I am proud to say that I hit the target with my gun.

Larry brought out his 22 to practice with.

Last weekend our friends the Yardley's came out and Brian brought a couple of his guns. Steve and Brian spent a lot of time shooting.

Brian brought out his 223 assault rifle. They stuck some cans across the river and the bullet would shatter the cans. I had to try this one and could not get the scope to work for me. It was loud but did not have a kick at all. I am going to have to practice looking through a scope so I can one day hit a can with a rifle.

Both Kayden and Keyana shot it. It is nice that we have a place where it is safe to practice shooting.