Sunday, October 26, 2008

Braelyn singing

A few weeks ago Taylor said he wanted to learn how to play the piano. He is my only child I never put in lessons. So I told him to go through the beginner book by himself and then I would help him in the other books. So he played jingle bells and Braelyn sang along with him. She wanted to sing "I hope they call me on a mission" since Taylor doesn't know how to play that one he played an indian song. She didn't mind and sang away. If you notice the leaf on her head, she had watched a show earlier that they made a hat out of a leaf and she wanted to make her one.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Me, Steve, Taryn, Heather,
Braelyn and Berkely went up to the cabin on Wednesday night. Taryn had her fall break from college and needed to rest and relax. The weather was wonderful and even hot on Friday afternoon. Taylor came out Friday morning with Steve's mom and sister Monica. Kevin came up after work on Friday. With most of the projects done on the cabin we spent alot of time sitting and relaxing. Thursday night we even went down to the Hanna Cafe for dinner. I've never been there and loved my dinner. We will have to go back.

We hiked up the canyon all the way to the top of the hill and were able to enjoy the beautiful views. Taylor spent his hike pushing down all the dead trees.

We tried to get the go-cart to work but after sitting for four years we will need to do some work on it.
Braelyn enjoyed playing play-do with Grandma Roberts.

Just enjoying the warm weather.

Taylor's Deer

Steve goofed up this year and instead of putting in for the bow hunt he put himself in for the rifle. The last couple of years he has only been able to bow hunt. So this weekend him and Taylor got up early Saturday morning to hunt. They didn't come back until 10:30 so we all thought they had got one. They both had a shot at a four-point but missed. Neither of them was too upset about missing, just grateful they saw a couple of bucks. So Monday morning they got up early again, but this time they returned home around 9:00. Steve came into the cabin and asked for the camera, because Taylor had shot a deer. Since he isn't able to hunt this Saturday he shot at a two-point and got him on the first shot. Thank goodness my family likes venison.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally we have carpet

Finally after five years we have carpet on the floor at the cabin. We put it upstairs in the loft and our master bedroom and in the bedroom and family room in the basement. We have been walking on plywood upstairs for the last three years. To walk around on carpet feels wonderful. Especially in the middle of the night. We will enjoy it for a few more weeks until we close it up. Which may happen sooner then we would like. We told Greg about it and he says that he can't remember what it feels like to walk on carpet.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

High-School Friends Sleepover

This Wednesday Gini, Teresa, Annette, Leisa and Toni my friends from high school came up to the cabin for a day and night of talking, eating and catching up on each other's lives. We started this tradition last year and decided that we need to continue it every year. So each fall we plan to get together. After lunch we decided if we wanted to see the fall colors we better take off. The sky was black and we didn't want to get caught in a downpour. We went up Rhodes Canyon and were amazed at how beautiful it was. After driving for awhile we pulled over for pictures. While we were taking the pictures we heard a couple of gun shots and with the dark clouds we headed for home. Everyone was covered with a thin layer of dust. Toni arrived around 6:00. After working so hard riding the four-wheelers we started dinner. Annette's brother Terry was nice enough to bring us up a homemade pie made in the dutch oven for desert. We talked some more and Teresa left for home around 10:00. We were still going at 11:00 and turned on a movie. That wasn't the best idea because we all fell asleep watching it. We retired to our beds around midnight and at 6:30 that morning I could hear talking. I was determined to stay in bed and was hoping I would fall back asleep. Finally at 7:30 I knew that sleep was not going to come I got up. Everyone else was awake so we put in the movie and finished watching it. Then with everyone's help we had a big breakfast and lingered until noon when everyone figured they better go home and become Mom again. I can't believe I was so lucky to grow up with such great friends. I can't wait for next year. We do appreciate Toni flying in from Florida to join us.

Leisa (yes she spells her name just like me) gave me a sign that reads "what happens in the cabin stays in the cabin" I guess that will be our theme.