Sunday, February 24, 2013

My baby is engaged!

It's official my baby is getting married May 9, 2013 in the Mt. Timpangos Temple.
He meet Jenn at BYU and they started out as friends, then she left to do an intership in New York and when she came back this fall they started to date.  Her real name is YoungSun and she is from Korea.  She came to the United States when she was 14 and stayed with a host family in Idaho.  She will graduate in April from the accounting department at BYU and is hoping to get her masters from BYU.  Her parents moved to the United States this August and are living with a family in Cedar Hills.  We are excited to get a new daughter and that Taylor found someone so perfect for him. 
He will continue going to BYU and is still deciding his major. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Road to Hana

 The last couple of times we have skipped going on the road to Hana.  It is only about 60 miles from our hotel but has I think 251 hairpin turns and is often a one lane road.  It's beautiful but can leave a person car sick.  Since we had a mustang convertible we had to go on the drive.  We stopped and grabbed a couple of sandwiches and headed off.  The weather was perfect and with the top down you see so much more, plus you get to smell and it smelled wonderful. 
 The hike is two miles to the top fall and there we ate our lunch.  

 Here we are at the bottom two falls.  The water was so cold that I got in and right back out.  Steve was more adventurous and swam over to the fall.  There were some teenagers there that we talked into jumping off the top fall.  Been there and done that so I felt no pressure and enjoyed watching everyone else jump. 
There is a road that goes around the island but years ago they wouldn't allow you to take your rental car around.  We didn't see any signs telling us not to go that way so we did.  There were a couple of rough spots but when we saw a tour bus go that way we knew we were safe.  That big white building down there is our hotel.  Unfortunately there is not a road that connects down there so you have to drive another 20 miles around to get to it.  We had a great day and wanted some mahi for dinner.  The cute fast food place that we always went to it out of business so we drove down Kehei road looking for a place to eat.  I saw a bar and grill and told Steve to pull over.  He was hesitant but smart enough to do it.  Me and three of my children get a little ornery when we are hungry.  Luckily we could go in dressed in our swimsuits and it was the best meal we have eaten. 

 This little old lady came by our table selling leis.  She was dressed so cute that we had to get a picture. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Maui relaxing and resting

 Our two favorite places to go is Maui or the cabin.  Life would be so sweet if we could spend the winter months in Maui and then live at the cabin the rest of the year.  Our 30th anniversary is coming up in February and Steve got tickets to Maui.  We have never been in January and soon realized why.  Prices are sky high and it was very hard to find a motel.  We love this condo in Kehei, but they were all booked up.  Steve found a deal on travelocity for a car and motel.  The motel was in Walleia, which has the
 nice and expensive hotels.  We took a chance and it worked this time.  The hotel was so nice.  We had a beautiful room that overlooked the ocean and our beach was nice.  I love the sandy beaches of Hawaii.  We got in around 10:30 and got the car.  Steve got a convertible mustang, which was a fun surprise.  Thank goodness we are familiar with Maui and found the hotel with no problems because the stomach flu hit me.  I spent the night in the bathroom.  Berkley and Bellamy had it on Sunday, so I figured my time would come.  Monday I was still not feeling great so we took it easy and that set the stage for the rest of the trip.  We were so lazy.  It was great.  We sat by the beach, then moved to the pool, then drove to Kehei to eat and back to more sitting and relaxing. 

 Then at night we would grab the binoculars and watch the whales and the sunset. 

With all this sitting around we had to treat ourselves and signed up for a chocolate massage at the beach.  Very relaxing listening to the waves crashing and being slathered in coco-butter.  We didn't sit the whole time and I will post more later.