Friday, April 26, 2013

We have been busy

 Ever since we remodeled out kitchen I have hated the oak stair railings.  I felt like it dated our house and didn't go with the style we had.  We have tons of railings and with three little girls in the house, I had no idea how we would do it.  The cost to rip everything out and replace it all was not in the budget so we decided to replace the middle spindles with metal and I would sand and stain the rest.  What a messy dirty job. 
 I would sand for an hour and then spend a couple cleaning the house of all the dust.  We also had to wait until the metal arrived and took the rest of the spindles out in groups because we didn't want Bellamy to fall through.  We did the kitchen first.  Then the railings leading up to our room.  The main staircase was last. My husband is amazing and he figured out how to get the metal spindles in.  The slope was hard and after
 working all afternoon on it we put the last two railings in and luckily Steve stepped back to admire it and realized we had stuck them in upside down and we were able to fix it before the glue stuck. 

 We couldn't be more happy with the result and haven't been able to wipe the smile off our face every time we look at them.  It was worth all the hard work, and there is something to say about doing it yourself. 

 After replacing the sink in our bathroom we had to redo the white tile in the shower.  Luckily our neighbor was willing to do it for us and did an awesome job.  I felt bad for him going up and down our stairs for four days. 
 We put in two cubby holes under the shower and Steve even had a small one made for me to rest my foot while I shave my legs. 
The new door just makes it.  I think we are done with home improvements for awhile. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter 2013

 We were home this year so we went down to Grandma Roberts home on Saturday for the Easter picnic and egg hunt.  It was a beautiful day and we were able to enjoy the outside.  Steve pulled out the motorcycle and we rode it down.  It was fun to visit with family and let the girls play. 

 Just wondering who wore this hat better.  Braelyn or Steve?  I am undecided they both look so cute. 
 Sunday we had everyone over for Easter dinner and to celebrate Taryns birthday. 

 I have the cutest daughter-in-laws. 

 Being lazy we choose to roll the eggs down the road.  Bell's loved running down it chasing the eggs.  Of course it turned into a egg fight and Taylor always seems to be the one they are after.  It wasn't until my kids were older that they discovered not everyone rolls their Easter eggs.  I still think its an awesome tradition and we always have fun doing it. 
Bells loves Gus and he puts up with her.  It was a wonderful weekend and I am so blessed.