Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Company Party

Tuesday morning we woke up to this. All week the forecast for the weather has been rain in the valleys and snow in the mountains. We received about 8 inches of snow and had to get a picture before the rain melts it all. Steve was thrilled it snowed so he could get the four-wheeler out and do some plowing. Taylor has also been hit with this storm and riding a bike has kept him soaked. It's hard to complain about moisture when we live in a desert.
When Steve went to work on his own and Christmas rolled around we missed having a party to attend so we decided we would have our own company party. We go out to eat and then do an activity. This year we went up to Salt Lake and ate at the Red Iguania which is one of Taryn's favorite resturants.

It's decorated in the bright Mexican colors and looks like a dive but it is always packed and when we left there were people waiting out front in the cold. The food was great and the company even better.

We try to hit Temple Square every year to see the lights so this year after dinner we went to see the lights. It helps that Taryn knows Salt Lake because she took us to this parking garage that nobody knows about and we parked without a problem.
I had to have my picture taken by this tree because the orange and white lights were so pretty. We all got a bit dizzy walking through the trees with all the red lights.

After the Grand Canyon I'm really into the jumping shots so we wanted to get a jumping shot. Steve held the button down and was ready to take the picture but with the flash we just couldn't get the timing down so here are the two pictures of us looking pretty stupid. We gave up after two shots but will have to figure out how to do it with the flash.

We had a fun night, but I can't help missing my other two children. This will be my third Christmas with a missionary and I'm excited for the phone call but can't wait for the Christmas when I have all my children home again.

We ended the night visiting Taryn's favorite nativity. I think it might be my favorite also. I really do enjoy these company parties.