Monday, March 30, 2009

Taryn turns 23

Friday was Taryn's 23rd birthday. It's amazing how fast 23 years fly by. Taryn is our California baby. She was born in San Jose while Steve was working for FMC.
We had made arrangements with a couple of friends to tend Heather while I was in the hospital. I started getting contractions and called the hospital. They told me to stay home until the contractions became regular. We didn't listen and dropped Heather off at our friends and then headed to the hospital. It was later at night so traffic was light. Which in San Jose is a huge blessing. We made it to the hospital but I was having a hard time walking into the labor and

delivery room. They checked me and I was dilated to an 8. They broke my water and right after Taryn was born. We had been at the hospital for 30 minutes. I'm so grateful we didn't listen when they told us to stay home and wait for the contractions to become regular. Taryn weighed in at 9lbs and 7 ozs. She had a headful of black hair and was adorable. She was an easy going baby and at 4 days old slept through her first earthquake.

Heather immediately took over as the big sister and would talk for Taryn. Needless to say Taryn didn't talk much. We would go eat out and Taryn would look at Heather and Heather would then order for Taryn. The only time Taryn made me crazy was when she would have to decide on what candy bar she wanted at a store.

She will graduate from the University of Utah in Theraputic Recreation this spring. She has worked hard to get her degree and in addition to keeping her grades up and getting a scholarship she has also worked the whole time. She is a beautiful girl both inside and out and I'm proud to be her mother. Happy birthday Taryn!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Opening or trying to open the cabin

Last weekend me and Steve went out to the cabin to open it up for the season. When we went up in January there wasn't alot of snow so we thought the road to the cabin would be pretty free of snow. The road over the mountain was closed so we went the long way. Strawberry had alot of snow but as soon as we hit the Basin it was pretty clear of snow. We were feeling good about getting into the cabin. As soon as we crossed the cattle-guard onto my families property we got worried. There was more snow on the ground then there was in January. We got to the turn off of our road and knew there was no way we could drive in. We saw Tom's grader so I got out to walk to the cabin and Steve drove up to Tom's to ask if he could grade our road for us so we could drive in. Steve took off up the hill and I started my walk to the cabin. Looking at some of the tracks in the snow on my way got me a little freaked out. Some of them definitely looked like they had claws. I made it to the cabin
safe and sound and started to get it ready to stay in. An hour later I saw Steve's truck come down the hill and a little later Tom's truck. I kept cleaning and after another hour and still no Steve I decided to walk back out and see what was happening. Tom had his grater out and tried and tried to clear it, but it was no match for the amount of snow. Steve said he got it stuck about eight times and they had to chain it up and pull it out with his son's 18-wheeler. I told him we can just load up the four-wheelers and get the stuff in the cabin and wait for the snow to melt in a couple of weeks. This is the view from the road where they tried to clear the snow. It doesn't get alot of sun so we may be walking in for a month.

We were able to pull the truck down to Mom's ranch house and load up the four-wheelers. We had bought a headboard and footboard for our King-size bed. I figured we would haul it back out to the house and wait for a few weeks, but not my husband. We loaded the pieced onto the four-wheelers. We had to sit on them because they were so big. The field still had alot of snow in it and Steve informed me that it was best not to go to slow in the snow with all that weight.

Steve went first and I had a hard time not laughing watching us bounce over the snow with these big boxes on the four-wheelers. We made it with no problems and I guess if Steve loses his job we could start a new red-necked moving company with four-wheelers. After a few trips we had the truck un-loaded and were able to enjoy the weekend. We also decided it was a good time to burn our piles of wood we had gathered this fall. Much safer then doing it in the fall. Hopefully next weekend we will be able to drive in.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready Party

I just wanted to thank everyone that came to the ready party and supported me and Heather. We had alot of orders and I was able to get $200.00 worth of free supplies. In this economy that is a great blessing. I'm already feeling more prepared for what is to come. If any of you are interested in doing a party it is really easy. The company provides the invitations all you need to do is address them and hand them out. Heather sets everything out and provides samples of the food to try. I'm not a fan of doing parties but this one is something most people need. The company has alot of neat products, I'm really excited about the gas wrench that you hang on your meter so when you need it there is no rummaging through the garage trying to find it. Also there food has a 30 year shelf life. A friend said the dried food at Macy's only has a 7-10 year shelf life. For us lazy people I just want to buy it and forget it. Thanks!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Big Relief

On Friday Steve complained about pain below his heart. We figured he pulled a muscle working out or moving some cement pieces in our back yard. That night he said the pain was so bad it woke him up and he almost woke me up to take him to the hospital. Finally he found one position that was comfortable and was able to sleep a little. The next day the pain had moved up and was were his heart was. We aren't ones to run to the dr. so we went about our day. We tried to get blocks for our garden but the place was closed so we drove up to IKEA to look around it. Meanwhile Steve was having a hard time taking a breath and would gasp every couple of minutes. We got to IKEA and he could hardly walk into the store, so we got him a wheelchair. We made it up the elevator and he was still having a hard time breathing sitting down so I told him we were going to the dr's. You can't quickly get out of IKEA's. We went to our dr's office and they told us to go to the emergency room. On the drive to the hospital we discussed some things we never had, like what song do you want sung at your funeral. We both like the same hymn and want it sung. I think we will be having some more discussions and also getting our trust done. We got to the emergency room and they immediately took us back. Did some tests and his heart looked great. The cardiologist was in the hospital so he came down and looked over things then had Steve do a stress test which he passed. They figured that he had some imflammation around his lungs and that causes pain around the heart. So we got a prescription for anti-inflammatories and he has been doing better. Also Taylor received his Duty to God award and we are done. What a relief.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

With Steve traveling every third week to Florida I try to join him one week each year. The first few years I was fine the first couple of days with just relaxing and reading a book by the ocean or pool. But after two days of sitting around I would get restless almost to the point of asking the maids if I could help them clean, just to be doing something.
That has certainly changed. I am now very capable of rolling out of bed, having breakfast with Steve and then parking myself by the pool until lunch. After lunch changing back into my swimsuit and sitting until Steve gets off work. I have no problem with relaxing and taking it easy. Steve would ask me every morning if I wanted to drop him off so I could have the car to go shopping. I never took him up on the offer. The weather was nice but not really warm, somedays I was the only crazy one sitting by the pool in a swimsuit.

I enjoyed spending the week with Steve and eating Mahi every night. I was also able to meet some of the people Steve works with and put a face to the name.
I'm grateful for these yearly trips and the chance to do nothing. Thanks Steve