Friday, February 20, 2009

Taylor's 18 birthday

It's hard to believe that eighteen years ago on the 18th Taylor was born. Time flies by too fast. I went to the dr's for my appointment. Taylor wasn't due for another week. I had been having some back pain that day, but didn't think much of it. At my appointment the dr. told me that I was in labor and dilated to a five. He told me to check-in
at the hospital. You would think by the time you had your fourth child you would know when you where in labor. But I had never had back labor before. He was born a few hours later and weighed 9lbs and 7 ozs. Thank goodness he came a week early.

He was also born on our anniversary and made a wonderful gift. He's a great kid and I could not be more proud of him. He had a great birthday. His friend brought over chocolate muffins for breakfast. During school they had an assembly for the kids with perfect attendence. They gave them lunch and had a drawing for prizes. He won the big prize that day of a portable dvd player with headphones. Then that night his other friend had made him a cake. It was a penguin and I couldn't believe that an 17-year old boy could be that creative. Now all of Taylor's friends expect a cute cake from Travis. Next week I am going to Florida with Steve and then we will celebrate our anniversary.

Monday, February 9, 2009

RULES: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.At the end choose 5 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, it is because I want to know more about you.

1.I feel like my life is pretty boring (which I am thankful for) so I hope I can find 25 things to write.
2.I hate to call people on the phone. It scares me, so I've love using the internet to connect with people.
3. I was baptized in Starvation Lake. Our stake center was being remodeled and it was summer so we got to be bapitzed in the lake. After the baptisms we all went swimming.
4. I rode a horse to paino lessons. I would saddle him and pick up my friend Teresa and we would ride him to paino lessons.
5. I love fruity candies I really love the ones with a sour coating on the outside.
6. I love to clean and have my house spotless. It makes me crazy when my house is a mess. I don't care if anyone else's house isn't clean I just like mine clean.
7. I think I have the coolest car around. It's a 69 convertible mustang and is red. Me and my friends love driving around in it and the attention it gets. Maybe we are all going through a mid-life crisis.
8. I would rather be at my cabin then anywhere. Last summer I spent two days alone up there and enjoyed every minute. I didn't even have a car to go anywhere. I was sad when Saturday came and Steve and Taylor where coming back.
9. I'm a worrier and worry about everyone and everything.
10. I love chips and salsa and could eat them 24/7.
11.I do alot of things in my life because I'm supposed to, not because I want to but it's what is expected of me.
12. I hate spending alot of money on eating out. Take me to JCW's and I'm happy.
13. I have no fashion sense, but I like to look nice. I really need someone to show me what is in style and what would look good on me. I also do not know how to style my hair. I don't know what products to use to make it look nice. I really need help.
14.I enjoy reading books and would spend my day reading if I could.
15. I hate to cook. If I had the money I would hire someone to come in and cook dinner. I'm great at making breakfasts, but I hate thinking of what to cook for dinner.
16. I love playing cards, but hate people that cheat on games.
17. I love water and most of our vacations are planned around something with water. I love boating, water skiing, scuba diving , snorkeling and laying around the pool. It's not a vacation to me if it doesn't involve water.
18. I love to budget and the freedom a budget gives you.
19. I would rather mow the lawn for exercise then get on a treadmill.
20. I hate baggy pants on guys and when I see someone with their pants hanging around their legs I want to go pull them down.
21. The hardest thing I have ever gone through was losing my Dad so sudden.
22. I think I have the cutest grand-daughters in the world.
23. I love being with my husband. I love being up at the cabin alone with him and going for four-wheeler rides. Life doesn't get any better.
24. I enjoy decorating my house and cabin. I could spend my days looking through boutiques to find just the right thing for my home.
25. I still have sleep-overs with my high-school friends. You would think we would have had enough of that during high-school.
I tag Leisa, Karen, Diane, Teresa and Annette (do yours on Facebook)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Greg's Hump Day

What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time the emotions were flying. Greg was so excited to go to Brazil to teach the gospel. It was something

we had looked forward to since he was born. We always talked about when he went on his mission, but I didn't realize how hard it would be to not see him for

two years. He flew directly to Brazil to the CTM down there. (Yes they do call it the CTM) I've heard dropping them off at the airport is easier then the MTC.

Taryn was the only one that came to the airport with us. We had a big breakfast that morning and Heather and Taylor said their goodbyes at home. I held up pretty good until I saw him walk through security. Heading home Steve was really supportive and even went to IKEA with me. That night I had the bright idea of going down to his room

cleaning it up a bit. I would not suggest that to anyone. Actually I would avoid their room for a couple of weeks. I was having a weird emotion that I had never experienced before. Finally a neighbor put a name to it. It is bittersweet, you would not want them anywhere else, but you still miss them. Greg is loving his mission and will not admit to being out for a year. He picked up the language easy and is working so hard. It's wonderful to see his testimony grow. I am worried that I will have to go to Brazil and drag him home in a year. I've heard from other missionary moms that the last year goes by fast. I hope that is true.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Braelyn's prince

The day after preference Taylor wore his tux to church. When Braelyn saw him she said he looked like a prince. So at church she would tell everyone that would listen that Taylor was her prince. He was good natured about it and even posed for the picture so Braelyn could have a picture with her prince.