Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time to close up.

I remember the first three years of building the cabin and come September we had worked so hard I was ready to close it up and rest for a few months. But now anymore. We both dread the coming of winter and having to say goodbye to our getaway. We made the most of fall and Steve got to play cowboy many times. Here he is with my Mom and two nephews. They brought the cows down. I did my part and drove the truck and trailer.

Steve usually has to go on a four-wheeler run to check out the deer. This first shot he couldn't figure out what was wrong with the camera and it came our pretty neat. This is what he was trying to take.

Finally the weekend of November 19th I made him blow out the water pipes and shut the place down. I will admit I was a pretty sad as we drove away. Steve came up with an excuse to head back out yesterday to install some parts on the electric baseboard heaters we installed. The good news is next time we open it up Taylor will be with us and in the summer we will get to introduce our newest Granddaughter to the cabin.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Best $99.00 I have ever spent.

I never watch infomercials. But the other weekend up at the cabin I was bored and flipping through the guide when I saw a show called never rake again. Each Fall raking our scrub oak is the worst job every and I do not look forward to it. So I clicked on the show and they were advertising the worx tri-vac. It's a blower, vacuum and mulcher. You do not have to change parts and you switch from a blower to a vacuum by pushing down a lever. It will also mulch down 10 garbage bags of leaves to one. I wrote down the name and thought I would call when we got home.

Looking at my leaves Monday morning, I looked it up on the website. It had a 4 1/2 star rating out of 5 so I decided I would give it a try. I ordered it on Monday and I had it by Thursday. The best part is the shipping and handling were free. Friday morning I got up to try my new toy.
This is what the scrub oak looked like before I started.

This is what it looked like 2 hours later. I spread some mulch on my garden and the rest filled a garbage bag and a half. Compare that to last year when we filled the back of the truck and our trailer with leaves It also would take me about 8 hours to rake it. What you can't see with the picture is all the new growth that catches your rake. That is why it took so long to rake. Most of the time I would have Steve take the trimmer and cut all the new growth out so I could rake it. I was able to listen to a book on tape while I vacuumed my leaves and wasn't even sweaty when I finished.

I love it! It was worth every penny and right now is my favorite thing. Can't wait for the apple and cherry tree's to drop their leaves.