Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Braelyn and Berkley come to visit!

We were lucky enough to have Heather and the girls come to visit for three weeks. They arrived on Sunday and we picked Greg up on Tuesday. At the airport they saw us and called out our names and came running with big hugs. It's so nice to have little one's to hug and squeeze again.

There isn't much to do in the wintertime with little ones so we took them to Cabela's. They really loved feeding the fish and seeing the stuffed animals. Berkley loves Lion King so the African animals were a hit with her. Braelyn loves to try on everything and this hat looked great.
One night we decided to build a fire out on the deck and roast hot-dogs for dinner. After we cooked the hot-dogs and were eating them Braelyn turned to me and said "I have a good idea lets count this food as our dinner". That was the original plan but it was cute that she thought she had came up with the idea.
Berkley is stubborn and we could not convince her to put a coat on. She also just wanted a cold hot dog and after each bite she would have us put more ketchup on it and then she would take another bite. Maybe she has enough layers on her that she really doesn't get cold.
She also has this low voice and calls Steve Papa-pop and I'm just Mung, Taylor is tay-tay. After about a week she warmed up to Greg and whenever she would see him would say Hi Greg. She is a cuddler and there is nothing better then to have her snuggle down into your lap.
It was a great having them here and hard to send them back to Georgia. It was a busy three weeks with Greg coming home and getting Taylor ready for his mission. Time went by too fast. I can't wait until this summer when they come out and we can just relax and enjoy them. Nothing is better then being a Grandma. (In my case a Munga)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Greg's Homecoming and Taylor's Farewell

With Greg coming home on January 26th and Taylor leaving March 3rd we asked if we could do a combined homecoming/farewell for them. We knew it would be impossible for family members to attend two seperate events within weeks. So they let us have them both speak and combine the events. It was a beautiful day and the spirit was so strong in the meeting as each of them bore testimony of the power of prayer and the knowledge that their Heavenly Father and Jesus knows and loves each one of us. I was so proud of the way they have grown up and the men they are. Taylor can hardly wait to get on his mission.

I just had to throw in a picture of my beautiful granddaughters. We have had fun having them in the house and getting plenty of hugs and kisses.

All of our family but two sisters were able to make it out. I'm so thankful for their love and support. I counted over 110 people who made the effort to com and hear the boys speak. After the meeting we had everyone over for lunch. It was crazy and people were sitting anywhere they could find a spot.
It's been fun having Greg home and his friends back in our house.
I'm not sure how this started, I was probably taking a well deserved Sunday nap, but Sunday afternoon will often find the older three trying to hold Taylor down.

This started years ago when they were young and it still continues.
I guess we will see what happens when Taylor returns from his mission. It was a wonderful day and our friends and family made it even more special.