Monday, January 26, 2009


As soon as we close up the cabin Steve and I are counting down the days until we can go back up. We get cabin fever, so regardless of the fact the I had been up all
night with the stomach flu the night before we headed out with Hal
and Kathryn. We arrived at dark and bundled up for the half-mile walk into the cabin.

There wasn't as much snow as last year and it was really crusty and wet. We sunk a few inches with each step. The stars were out and I realize how much I love being up there and looking at all the stars. We made it and entered the cabin that was a cold

38 degrees. So we pulled the table to the front of the fire, kept our coats on and played canasta. Me and Steve won the first hand, but after that it was down hill for us and Hal and Kathryn ended up winning. We will get them next time.

We had heaters in the bedrooms and slept great. We woke up that morning to a fresh layer of snow. Hopefully it is getting dumped on up there. We really need it. After breakfast they went snowshoeing. I didn't dare go since I still had the stomach flu. They were even able to find a spot to cross the river.

I watched them from the window and wished I could have gone.

After that we packed up and headed home.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Braelyn turned three on Saturday. For the past few months she has been in love with the Disney Princess. Heather found the Snow White costume that I made for them and Braelyn wears it everyday. I bought her more costumes for Christmas but she continues to wear the Snow White one. So for the family party Heather invited us all to dress up like royalty. Everyone was a great sport and dressed up. Taylor even wore a red velvet shirt, Taryn's pink prom dress from DI was a hit and Heather looked like a fairy princess. Even Berkley had a fairy skirt on. The best was Great-Grandma and Grandpa Allred in their red robes and crowns on their heads. She told everybody that they looked beautiful and thanked everyone for their gifts. She would open one up and then want to look and play with it before opening another one. She is our princess.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Taylor was asked to Preference this year. He went with Loriane
the girl he asked to homecoming. For their day date they made their dates

corsages. I thought this was a great idea and it saved them alot of money.

I thought Taylor made a cute one. It looks like a bird on a flower. His was very creative and the clothespin worked well to stick it on. He went with his friend to get his tux and was very excited about it. I didn't see the white jacket until the end. Luckily Lorianne loved it. It's scary to think that Steve wore the same coat to our reception and it was in style back then. He had a great time at the dance but admitted that he fell twice because his shoes were so slick and our driveway and the parking lot at Lone Peak was icy.