Thursday, January 19, 2012

The golden trophy

For the past couple of years we have held a game tournament on Christmas Eve. We play 3 different games and the winner gets the beautiful gold trophy to display for the year. Last year I won and the trophy was proudly put in my curio cabinet for everyone to see. This year we played 9-ball. Greg won two of the three games by knocking in the nine-ball with another ball. I still can't believe he made the shoots. Then we went on to play memory. Yes this is a game that you play with pre-schoolers. We laughed so hard playing it because our memories are terrible. Of course Lauren won this game. Me and Steve didn't stand a chance.

Then we played spoons. We used to play this game all the time, but haven't for about 15 years. It took us awhile to remember the rules but then it got mean. Taryn won this game. Taryn, Greg and Lauren had each won a game so to see who took home the trophy they played a game of racko.

Greg ended up winning and I sadly handed over the trophy. But no worries because next year I will dominate.