Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The best Grandma

 On Monday my sweet Grandma passed away.  She would have been 95 this August.  She was lucky and able to live on her own.  She had a massive stroke on Wednesday, they life flighted her to the University Hospital and was conscious for a few days but unable to speak.  She will be missed terribly, but I'm thankful she didn't have to spend the rest of her life in a rest-home unable to communicate or walk.  I know most people would say they have the best Grandma, but hands down I did.  When I was born my Dad told her to get her sewing machine out because she had a granddaughter to sew for.  I loved the things she would sew for me.  I remember the sparkling red pant suit she made for me in elementary.  I thought I was hot stuff and wore it all the time.  One year she made me and Jodi and our barbies matching pajamas.  She was an excellent seamstress.  She gave each of my children a quilt when they were babies.   Very talented.  She grew up in the depression and was very frugal.  She made a doll house out of a box and the furniture out of cardboard.  I loved playing with the doll house and would get it out every time I went to her house.  When Mom would come pick us up, I would bawl because I didn't want to go home.  She would also take us up to her cabin in strawberry.  We were in heaven when we got to go up.  She would fill up this big steel round tub and we got to swim in it our she would drop us off and we would tube down the river.  I still remember her killing snakes up there because we were scared of them. 
She told me a story of when she was in her 80's and was out mowing her lawn on a riding mower and somebody stopped and told her that her lawn wasn't big enough for a riding mower.  I'm impressed that she even mowed her own lawn.  She was very independent and would not allow anyone to help her.  Last year me and my Mom went over to wash the outside of her windows and do some light cleaning.  She was so embarrassed that she had not gotten outside and done her windows yet.  When I went to dust her bedroom I noticed on her night stand she didn't have any pill bottles.  I asked her where her pills were and she said all she took was a vitamin daily.  I hope I can say that when I'm 94.  She was such a sweet, quiet woman and I'm so lucky I got to have her in my life.  She got to be reunited with my Grandpa who has been gone for 23 years and her two daughters who passed away.  What a beautiful reunion.  Love you Grandma.