Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zip Line

 A couple of years ago our children told us that for our birthday's they would give us a zipline for the cabin.  What a great gift, but then their lives got busy and it ended up me and Steve giving ourselves a zipline for our birthdays.  Steve went across the river and cut down dead trees for the poles.  We got them buried in the ground last year.  The Roberts were holding the reunion up at our cabin on the 4th of July so we got busy and finished it.
 Steve tore boards off the old sheep corral to use for the platforms and we just guessed on the height for it.  Taryn went with me to buy the cable and her and Steve built the bungee brake.  Greg got the trolley and they both brought their harness.  We need to buy some cable to support the top beam, but other then that we did a great job. 

 Greg was crazy enough to be the first one to test it out.  The bottom platform was the perfect height.  The bungee brake had to be tweaked but we got it working great.  It helps to have someone on the bottom platform in case you come in to fast. 

 Grandma Roberts even tried it out.  It is 330 yards long and just a fun ride.  It will be perfect for the grandchildren.  Everyone had a blast riding it.   
It's a plane, it's a bird, it's crazy Taylor.  I'm sure the tricks will just get better and better.