Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Friends Forever

 In October me and my awesome friends from Duchesne were finally able to get together.  Last year we didn't do it and I really wanted to keep the tradition going so we found a Friday that worked for all of us.  Teresa said she was coming but bombed out that morning.  I haven't talked with her for years and was sad that she didn't make it.  Everyone brought yummy food and I talked Gini into bringing her yummy smore cookies.  I  got the recipe and have made them twice since our get together.  It was cold outside so we just spent the two days catching up.  We even decided that next August we will do the Duchesne triathlon.  I will be getting a gym pass so I can practice swimming.  We have 9 months so hopefully I can get my body in shape.  Our goal is to finish.  The first four pictures I was trying to figure out how to set the timer on my camera.  Finally got it.  I love these women and am so grateful they are in my life.  Can't wait till next year.

Monday, October 15, 2012

General Conference Weekend

 We were so excited for Conference and to have all our kids up at the cabin.  It has been along time since we have all been up there to watch conference.  I guess the Priesthood session got Greg all excited and he had to see if he could jump over the coffee table.  His siblings were egging him on and Lauren was trying to tell him not to. 
We were only missing Braelyn and Berkley, but I think Bells loved all having all the attention for herself.   Taylor brought up Jenn and Taryn brought Bret.  It was fun just hanging out and laughing. 

 Sunday morning in between sessions we headed up Rhodes Canyon for a four-wheeler ride.  We still wonder who put the swing up.  The wind had been blowing that morning so we all bundled up, but once we started up the canyon the wind stopped and we had a nice ride. 

That is Heather running in front of Taylor.  What you can't see is a truck pulling a trailer in front of her.  She jumped off the ranger and was trying to jump onto the trailer.  Unfortunately she had slippers on and could not run fast enough on the rocks to catch it.  I really wonder if she would have jumped on.  Conference was wonderful and I always feel such peace listening to the prophet and apostles.  It helps me make it through the next six months.