Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still Closed

We love the drive over to the cabin. We drive it most every week for 5 months and we never get tired of the scenery. For obvious reasons they close the road in the winter, but most years we are able to drive over it in April. Many years there is only one lane open for a week or two, but it cuts 1/2 hour off driving the long way so we take our chances. Last week we thought for sure at least one lane was opened up. We took a break in the afternoon and saw a truck and car pass by on the road. We figured if we didn't see them in 20 minutes then the road was opened up. We never saw them come back.

We packed up and headed up the hill. Both lanes were open and it was looking pretty good. About a mile from the top it turned into one lane with snow taller then the truck on both sides. At the top we saw some men on snowmobiles and asked them if the road was open. Much to our dismay they informed us that it was still closed but that we needed to go see it.
The top picture is how the road ends. Unfortunately the road will not be opened up Memorial Weekend. They are predicting it won't open up until the middle of June. It's crazy the amount of snow that still needs to melt. Glad we have the boat in the driveway, it may come in handy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Water, water everywhere

We are in shock with the amount of water up at the cabin. Water is seeping out of the mountains and hills. This is supposed to be our lawn but water is seeping out of the hill by it and filling the yard with water. Steve built the pond outside the fence to help water the meadow and the pond is also filled with water.

This side of the cabin has ponds all over it. Normally it is dry and dusty. We have a big willow right below this picture and the hill it is below is leaking water and the tree is surrounded.
A couple of ducks have discovered our pond and for some reason we think that is cool to look out and see ducks on it.
Behind the cabin we have a canyon that we love to hike up. It has a small stream that will run after a lot of rain or sometimes in the spring but this year we have a creek. We decided to hike up it to see where all the water is coming from. This stream is what filled up the pond and filling up our yard.

Almost to the top of the canyon on one side of the hill we saw one of the sources of water and it is just coming out of the mountain.
This was taken at the top in the middle of April. A lot has melted since then but we may still see snow up there in July.
Normally a tiny pond for the sheep and goats to drink from.
The road is still closed to go over the mountain but we wanted to see how far they have gone. It is a one lane road and you can see how much snow they still have. My sister posted a video of a friend who had taken a drive up there and they haven't broken through yet. Hopefully in two weeks when we go back out the road will be open. The river was really high when we left on Saturday and I wish I could be out there this week to watch the river.
Greg and Lauren came out on Friday and it was fun to have some company. Steve had someone to shoot with and I had someone to play games with. At least we will have a very green spring and early summer.