Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another fun weekend

 Most people would not think building a rock wall is fun.  I would agree but the satisfaction of doing it and having it look so awesome is fun to me.  I got a crazy notion and decided to do another wall on the side of the cabin.  It took a few days but the cost was zero only a sore back.  Braelyn helped shovel dirt to finish it.
 Kellee brought her girls up to play on Friday.  After swimming Berkley took Karsen downstairs and found her a outfit to wear.  They played so well at our cabin and Grandma Moon took Braelyn and Kiley to the ranch house to play for the afternoon.
We have a deer that has adopted our cabin.  She could care less if your outside and just keeps on eating.  Berkley named her Bambi.   
There are three of the cutest puppies at the ranch house and Heather is in love.  She is not a dog person so this is surprising to all of us.  The girls have had a great time playing and holding them. They named each of them and I wish I could remember who is what.  One is a stinker and here she is hanging on her mom's tail and beating up a sibling.   

 One is very shy and at first they named her panda but changed it to peaches.  She is so cute and roly poly.   Bellamy just gets so excited and wants to pull their face.   

Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 4th

 I did not pull the camera out much on the 4th.  We had a great time at the cabin and Starvation so I don't know why I didn't get more shots.  Me and Steve and Heather and the girls went out Tuesday afternoon.  That night Taylor and Taryn came and our good friends son Jared came out.  On the fourth we headed to the lake.  Our first time at Starvation this year.  When we got there it was overcast and the water was not smooth.  Regardless me and Steve got in and
skied.  It was chilly and with the sun covered by the clouds I about froze.  We set up camp at Indian Bay and the girls had the best time playing in the sand and climbing the rocks.  Kellee brought up Kiley and Karsen and the girls had fun playing with their cousins.  Here the girls thought they were so cool as they jumped off the cliffs.  At their age that is brave.

Taylor and Taryn being goofy on the boat.  Someday I am hoping they will outgrow the need to slap each other.  Soon the water smoothed out and everyone got a good run in.  Braelyn even came out with me and rode the skim skate and loved it.   

 The sun rarely made an appearance, but that made a nicer day for Bellamy.  She was really good and loved playing in the water.  Taryn and Taylor went home that night to watch fireworks and the rest of us went back to the cabin for dinner and a very dusty four-wheeler ride.  It was a fun day for me. 
Here is Heather and her friend Alex driving the mustang to her 10 year high school reunion. 
And the little one who is spoiled rotten and has us all wrapped around those chubby fingers.