Saturday, April 14, 2012


After four years of the boys on missions and Heather and the girls in Georgia and Kentucky, we finally had everyone home and we made plans to spend the weekend and Easter up at the cabin.
Friday morning me, Heather, Taylor and the girls took off to open it up. The weather was cold and windy so we spent the afternoon inside dying Easter Eggs.
I really don't know what Berkley was doing.
Greg and Lauren made it up around 8:00 that night and Taryn picked Steve up from the airport and they made it around 11:00 that night. Like every morning around here Braelyn and Berkley were up before 7:00 that morning and soon everyone else followed. The Easter Bunny had come that night so the girls spent the morning finding eggs.

Bellamy is almost four months old. She is a busy baby and doesn't nap very well. There were plenty of adults around to help hold and entertain her.
Steve took off to work on his ditch first thing the next morning so we thought we would hike along the ditch and find him. Just as we started up the path Greg, Lauren and Taryn all heard a loud hiss. We stopped and looked all over but could not find out what was making the sound. For good measure I carried a big stick.

Luckily we didn't need the stick for anything other then breaking up the ice on the ditch.
Saturday the weather was perfect and we spent alot of time outside. The girls loved Greg's hammock he brought out.

We needed new family pictures so after church before anyone could change we got some. Steve had to keep running back and forth to set the timer.

Berkley was made that she couldn't sit on her mom's lap. I love this picture.

She got her way and is much happier, but not Bellamy.

My cute kids. I love when they get together, I just sit back and listen. They are such good friends and truly watch out for each other.

My shoes were too cute and matched my dress so well that I had to get a picture.

Lauren is such a sweetheart and so easy to be around. She is a great addition to our family.

We finally got Internet up to the cabin and it was a good thing so I could look up how to make fried chicken. I've made it before but it was nothing to rave about. This time it turned out pretty good. Everyone is helping get the meal on the table.

We grew up rolling our Easter Eggs down a hill. I've kept that tradition with my kids and it took us a few tries to find a hill that would work. Of course we only get a few rolled down before it turns into an egg fight. This time it was everyone against Steve and Taylor. The girls thought this was great and Braelyn told us that this was her best Easter ever. I would have to agree with all my kids home again.