Monday, July 25, 2011


My birthday this year fell on a Sunday, and being the Primary Secretary I got to go up twice to have the birthday song sung to me. Braelyn thought that was awesome that I was getting sung to. She gave me the thumbs up song and sang the loudest. Taryn got up early that morning and made me a birthday cake. Which I really appreciated. Greg and Lauren came up for dinner also.

It was really sad when a couple of months ago I realized that I was 46. Most of last year I thought I was 45. Hopefully I will be able to remember that I'm 47 this year.

Taylor often did this pose so I made the other three children pose like this so I could send Elder T, the picture. In case your wondering Heather is not putting on weight but I will get another beautiful grandchild in December.

We bought this ball last year at Costco and it has been a huge hit. Braelyn would roll it up the hill, climb in and roll down it. We thought Berkley would be brave this year and try it, but no amount of coaching would make her do it. At least this year she climbed into it.

Steve's birthday fell on a Tuesday. The weather that morning was stormy and cloudy and we about cancelled going boating. Luckily we didn't and had an awesome time. We went up to Deer Creek.

We love to go up Snow's Canyon and just play around in the water. It was nice this year because the girls didn't mind wearing the life jackets.

I asked Braelyn if she wanted to ride on the skim skate and she said yes. I laid behind her and steadied the board. She was kneeling on top of it and Steve took off. She loved it. After she was done I decided to give the skim skate a try. I can get up, but could not get myself out of the wake.

Braelyn took the job of steering the boat very seriously. She would look at the compass and ask which way she should go. Every time we got in the car she would tell us what way the car was headed.

Berkley also needed a turn.

The old man looked pretty good.

I was so excited that night to go home and give Steve his pumpkin pie. I got up early at 6:00 to make it, and I hate making pumpkin pies. It looked amazing but after a couple of bites I realized that I had forgotten the sugar. It tasted horrible. I am getting old so I'll blame it on my age. Happy Birthday to us.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Love my cabin

Steve left for Florida on Monday and then flew into Cincinnati to spend the weekend with Heather and Kevin and the girls and will fly home with Heather and the girls on Tuesday morning. I knew that I would rather be alone up at the cabin then here in Cedar Hills. My week got busy and I could see no way for me to leave before Thursday morning. Because of trek and being so busy with that I had not been to the temple for two weeks so I knew that I couldn't go out until I had attended the temple, also since I'm the only one home I needed to get the lawn mowed. I also had to cleaning jobs scheduled for Wednesday. I had bought a new king mattress for the cabin and had to pick it up and do some bed shuffling here. We decided that we would bring the king mattress from the cabin back here and move the queen mattress that we had here up to the cabin and get rid of one of the double beds. Wednesday morning I woke up at 4:30 am. I was still tired and tried to sleep but gave up at 5:30 and got ready for the temple. Got right in and was done with the temple at 7:00. Waited until 7:30 to mow the lawn and finished about 8:30. Went in to get ready for work and found a message that one of my cleaning jobs was cancelled. Went and cleaned the one house, picked up the new mattress and had Greg and Lauren help me haul out the queen mattress's and tie them all up and I headed out to the cabin Wednesday afternoon. I was so happy that I had been able to attend the temple and get the lawn mowed that morning so that I could leave. While driving up there I knew that I would have to get the mattress in the cabin before the rain hit. I don't know how I did it, but I hauled all three mattress's into the cabin by myself and 10 minutes later the heavens opened up.

I love when it rains up there and spent the evening watching the rain. Luckily my mom was up there and she helped carry the king mattress up the stairs. I tried and tried but could not get it up the stairs by myself. The next morning was stormy and rainy and the perfect morning to stay inside. That afternoon the clouds disappeared and I was able to get some yard work done. I love my new riding mower and mowing the lawn is a blast. My sweet husband said that I work too hard so he will mow the cabin lawn for me. I think I'll pass on that offer.

Friday I was sitting outside eating lunch and looking over at the mountains and realized how blessed I am to have this cabin. I love watching the clouds come over the mountains. Everyone should be able to enjoy lunch with this view. My Dad showed us this spot for our cabin and I thank him every time we go out. That afternoon Greg, Lauren and her parents and younger sister came out for the night.

It was great, they brought all the food and cooked it and I got to enjoy their company. Saturday we went up to Tom's to go fishing. Sidney loves to fish and caught a couple of them.
One of Tom's grandson's hooked onto Greg. He reminds me of Carsen when he was little.

Me, Lauren and her Mom just chilled out reading and visiting while they fished. It was a fun few days for me, but next weekend will be even better when everyone is out there except for Elder Taylor.