Friday, February 4, 2011

Been Busy

I don't know if anybody else is like us but we get the urge to do a project right after Christmas. Steve has made fun of me taking down the decorations right after Christmas but it dawned on me it is because we are always doing some new project. I had bought a cute sink from my friend who owned the real deal store in Springville. She gave it to me at cost and I knew it would look so cute in the kids bathroom. It sat in the office for about a year. Finally last year after Christmas we installed the sink and put travertine down on the floor. It looked great but the lovely white tile with a teal accent in the bathtub stood out like a sore thumb. Before you judge me those were the colors that were popular when we built the house 20 years ago. We didn't want to tear that tile out with Greg getting home from his mission and Heather and the girls visiting and Taylor leaving so we just kept the shower curtains closed and it didn't bug me.

So after Christmas with nobody using this bathroom we tore out the beautiful white tile and my handy husband installed this tile. He did such a great job it looks beautiful. I know the fixtures are still the old ones but to replace them it will be over $300.00 so I just painted them. New fixtures will eventually come.
Here is the cute sink I got from my friend and the new floors. Such a difference from the standard bathroom sink and the white tile with the tiny teal diamonds.

Steve is not the only handy one and I saw on the Nate Berkus show this magnetic paint. I thought I would give it a try and it really works. You put a couple of coats on and then paint over it the color of your walls and you have an instant magnetic board.

Years ago we had given one of the bunk beds to our friends who needed it. I completely forgot about it and she asked me after Christmas if we would like it back. I said yes thinking we would just store the frame and maybe one of the kids would use it when they had children. It took about a week before I realized that we could make the bunk beds again. The problem was she had painted hers white and the frame we had was stained. So two hours of sanding later I painted both of the black. Which Braelyn and Berkley thought was a very boring color. They thought orange or yellow would have been much better. Hopefully with the cute purple comforters they will not notice that the frames are boring black. Only a few more days and these beds will have two cute girls in them. Now I just need to do something about my oak stair railings. Maybe next year after Christmas.