Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Roberts reunion and Father's Day

This last weekend we had the Roberts reunion up at the cabin. Which makes it very convenient for us. Plus we get to sleep in a bed rather then a tent. On Friday a bunch of them hiked up to the Grand Daddies. Steve, Taryn and Taylor went. They said it was a beautiful hike and everyone enjoyed themselves. I hope I get to go next year.

Hal and Kathryn were in charge and took care of all the cooking. It was great. Gayle gave the three senior boys a leatherman for graduation. Here Taylor and Sam are trimming their initials into the hair on their legs. Our family is full of talent.

We spend alot of time sitting around and catching up on everyone's life. We had a great campfire program where the kids shared memories of relatives and stories about growing up. It was nice to learn a little more about them. I was also grateful that we didn't have to do a family skit.
We stayed Sunday and went to Tabby's church. Here Steve is with his girls. He couldn't ask for a better father's day then spending time with his family up at the cabin.
Sunday night everyone went home and the rain stopped so me and Steve went for a hike. The grass is so long because of all the rain and I've never seen it this green.
Yesterday Heather took her girls to the pool and I couldn't resist a picture of the Berkley in her tinkerbell swimsuit. I've never seen such a fat and cute tinkerbell. It's just not fair that fat is so adorable on babies and not on us adults.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cabin Time

Last Weekend me and Steve headed up to the cabin on Wednesday
afternoon. We made a quick stop at the Ace in Heber and a miracle happened with us seeing an ad for a ranger aide at Deer Creek. Anyone who has a teenager looking for a job knows that it is almost impossible to find employment out here. Taylor has been applying everywhere and had no success. We immediately called him and he called up the guy and got the job. You can't tell me our Heavenly Father doesn't answer prayers.

So after seeing the guy at Deer Creek Taylor drove up to the cabin. It was the first chance this year he has had to go up. We took a drive up Rhodes Canyon in the ranger, which Taylor likens to being on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. I will agree with him driving it feels like it. There is this big rock slide and we wanted to know what was at the top of the rock slide. We were hoping to find a cool pond or the lost Rhodes gold mine. After climbing all the way up we were sad to discover more rocks.

That night we sat out by the campfire and Taylor had fun with the camera. It was a full moon and looked awesome coming over the mountain.

Taylor also likes to take pictures of his feet and tonight was no exception. The next morning he had to leave to do some stuff around home. It was fun having him up there.
Steve has been busy using up all the left over logs from building the cabin. He's making some cool benches for the deck.

I spend most of my time moving rocks and hauling dirt. You would think with all the rocks I have thrown my biceps would be huge.
Steve built a step over for the fence out of logs. He had to make a gate for the top of it to keep the goats out. I don't know how he thinks of these things but he does a wonderful job making stuff.
I also took some flat rocks and made steps to the top. It's not as grand as the ones on the other side, but it does it's job. It's wonderful to be up there and outside working. We always hate coming home even though we are exhausted.

We found another trail this year. I can't believe how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country. We just keep finding new places to see and explore.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Taylor's graduation

Our baby graduated this last Thursday. I can't believe it, we are done with the public school system and we couldn't be more thrilled to start this new chapter in our lives.

Lone Peak's was the last graduation at the Marriott Center on Thursday. It started at 7:30 and didn't finish until aroun 9:50. He graduated with a class of 643 students. It takes awhile to read that many names. The speakers were all short and wonderful and it was a nice graduation.

Grandma Roberts came after sitting through the Spanish Fork graduation earlier. She is a wonderful Grandma to do that.

Taylor had a great group of friends that he hung out with. They are a little goofy but good guys. They do have a game they play at Seths pool called sharks which I think is a little strange.

As I have complained before my children cannot take a serious picture. It is even worse with Greg.

Taylor graduated with honors and is headed to BYU with a scholarship. Coming from Utah is a hard thing to get. He plans on attending two semesters and then going on his mission.

Since our kids come from such a big class me and a couple of other moms wanted to do something special to honor them. We planned the first Cedar Hills 1st ward senior party. We invited all the families and with the weather stormy we went to the church. We played a get to know the senior game and found out lots of interesting facts about our seniors. Then we ate their favorite deserts and watched video's that the parents had put together about their child. It was a fun evening and we have a great group of kids that graduated.

I guess it's kids that can't be serious when taking a picture.