Monday, August 23, 2010

All about the Granddaughters

We were lucky enough to get to spend a month with our Granddaughters. Having them across the country in Georgia is hard and with them being so young and changing daily we were excited to have them in our lives for that long. Some of our adventures for the month included. Going to the zoo and getting to go behind the bars and feed the momma and baby elephant. Braelyn had a piece of bread to give to Crystal the mother and see reached out her trunk and blew the bread out of Braelyn's hand and scared both of us. Berkley was having nothing to do with touching the elephants. Then we got to go feed the giraffe some crackers. Braelyn was okay feeding it. It was fun to have connections and be able to do that. We went to the Lindon Pool and it's awesome for kids. Braelyn would go in the lazy river and stick her head under and float. Berkley loved going down the slide. Love that pool and can't wait to go next year. Our McDonalds opened up in Cedar Hills so we visited it weekly. Went to my friend Karen's pool a few times. Braelyn hung out with my scouts and even went swimming with them. Found a racoon in our garden. Went to the new pizza place in Draper and played miniture golf, bowling, bumper cars and Heather and Braelyn won first place in the go-carts. Saw a movie, went to the park and played in the creek, had a family reunion, tried out Highlands splash park. Enjoyed Greg's wedding and reception and also Ben and Charlee's reception. We took the girls and hiked up to the Grand Daddies in the Uintah's. We did all that and went to the cabin and boating. It was a busy month.

A couple of months before they came out we saw this inflatable ball at costco. You blow it up and the kids can climb inside and roll down the hill. Braelyn loved it, but Berkley wasn't to fond of being rolled all over. It quickly became a neighborhood hit and Braelyn had plenty of friends to play with in it.

They love going to the cabin and Braelyn loves the four-wheeler rides. Berkley would sit by me in the ranger, but I couldn't tell if she loved it or not. She was quiet and not screaming so we went on plenty of them. Braelyn likes the other four-wheelers and even asked if she could ride with Grandma Moon on hers.

Taryn had the great idea of going up American Fork Canyon to have a picnic lunch for Steve's 50th birthday. The girls were so excited to preform on the stage up there. I had a video of them performing their version of "I'm a single lady" but after 4 hours of trying to get it to download I'm giving up on it.

Of course we took them boating a few times. Starvation has the best beaches and the girls love playing in the sand. We had to invite Kellee and her girls and Braelyn and Kiley pick up right where they left off. Berkley was funny and loved to go walking along the beach. She didn't love the boat or I should say wearing a life jacket so she spent most of the time on the beach. The first time she was on the boat, after I parked the truck as I'm headed down to get on the boat I hear this blood curdling screaming and it's from Berkley because of the life jacket. I had to wonder if I even wanted to get on the boat. We quickly ran over to the big sandy beach and she was fine. Braelyn even got on the tube with her Dad and had fun.

In the midst of our crazy July Heather and Kevin moved from Georgia to Kentucky. I know that is where they are supposed to be, but my heart and arms still ache to have them closer. I have the cutest granddaughters in the world.

We are looking forward to the next visit. Thank goodness for skype and cell phones and blogs so I can see them weekly and hear about their adventures.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Greg and Lauren's Wedding

Greg and Lauren chose July 29th to be married in the Mount Timpangos Temple. The sealer was Max Caldwell and I've never been to a ceremony that was so beautiful and inspired all of us to work on our marriages to make them celestial worthy. Lauren couldn't keep a smile off her face, while Greg was a little more serious during the ceremony. They chose the biggest room and we only had two empty seats right by Greg's Grandma's. Steve pointed out that they were saved for Greg's Grandpa's who I'm sure were in attendence that day.

I'm sure you are wondering why we have a picture of feet. Taylor loves to take pictures of his feet and if anyone left their cell phone laying around they would soon have a picture of his feet. He sent us this picture from his mission. We wanted to include him so we blew up the picture and got a couple of shots of it. So here is a shot of all my children.

We are so excited to have Lauren as part of our family.

I was in charge of the wedding luncheon and after calling around I was so excited to discover that Texas Roadhouse does luncheons. They don't open until 4:00pm so we had the resturant to ourselves. Everybody got to order what they wanted and they food was so delicious. It wasn't formal or fancy but I was told by a few that it was the best luncheon they had been to and I happen to agree.

We had the reception in Lauren's backyard and it was so nice. Her parents worked so hard this summer getting it ready and it was perfect. Towards the end Greg was so tired of all the wedding planning but it was worth all the planning and everything looked wonderful.

My Mom and granddaughters.
My Mom wasn't able to stay for the whole reception so she let Braelyn have her flowers and Braelyn was thrilled. Like most of her pictures she strikes the princess pose.

Lauren's sister Kate has two little boys. The oldest one loves Greg and they asked him the day of the wedding who was getting married and he said "Lauren and Greg and Greg and Sam". Hopefully he will be content with Greg as his uncle.
Greg had his high school friends play during the wedding. Over the years they had formed a couple of different bands. Here Steve is pretending he is a member of a band. It's been fun having them over to the house since their missions and I'm really going to miss having them come over.

I just had to throw in a picture of my good-looking husband. He really cleans up well.

While they were taking Lauren's families pictures we hear them all scream to Kevin to catch the cake. It was so warm outside that the top part of the cake started slipping off. Kevin grabbed it and stopped it from slipping but the frosting had cracked so we took that layer off and arranged the flowers on top of the next one. It still looked beautiful.
The weather held out and the whole day was perfect. They make a darling couple and I wish them an eternity of happiness. Thanks to all our family and friends that came out and supported them on their wedding day.