Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mothers Day

 This year I had all my children and grandchildren over for mothers day.  In the morning Steve and Braelyn made breakfast for us.  Then after church they all kicked in and made a wonderful lunch.  It was a great day and ended with Bellamy soaking my skirt.  You would think I would learn by now and keep a diaper on her. 
 And what mother's day or Sunday I should say would be complete without everyone wrestling Taylor.   I guess some traditions they never outgrow.  Love my kids.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bellamy's Baby Blessing

Bellamy was blessed on Sunday.  She is such a blessing in our lives and we all look forward to her huge smiles.  She cracks us up when she stares you down.  Taylor once tried to win in a stare down with her but finally gave up.  It's like she looks into your soul.  This picture is says it all. 
 All my kids were able to come for the blessing.  Because of the unique situation we held it in the Relief Society Room after church.  We have a wonderful Bishopric and each of them came to support us.  They were inspired and helped make it a success. 

We love our Bell's.  Just look at those cheeks and they are wonderful to plant big kisses on.