Thursday, April 28, 2011

RHS Rhone

On the cruise we went scuba diving off the island Tortola. We dove the RHS Rhone which had the distinct honor of being the second ship deemed unsinkable. After this ship sank they quit calling ships unsinkable. Steve was really excited about the dive and I of course was not as excited. I get really worried about my ears being able to clear and that I will make a fatal mistake while diving. This dive was also 85 feet down and that had me worried. But I was able to descend with no problems and the visibility was great.

The handle of the dive camera broke right before the dive so Steve was the one responsible for the pictures. I feel bad that I couldn't take his picture. Not that we look so great in our dive gear.
They tried to take off in a Hurricane and hit a rock which tore a hole in the ship and when the cold water hit the hot boilers they exploded. The sad thing is since this ship was unsinkable they had just transferred a bunch of people from another ship which safely made it through the hurricane. The ship sunk in 30 seconds which is a good thing since all the passengers were tied down in their beds for the night. That thought makes me crazy.

This is one of the boilers that blew up.

I can't believe Steve even spotted this fish since he blends in so well. This was a two tank dive and one of my favorite. I can't wait for the next one.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What they switched to Pepsi!

Me and Steve were able to take a week long cruise to the eastern Caribbean last week. We had been to St. Thomas before but not Samana or Tortola so we were excited to visit some new places. I guess I need to explain the title for my post. We usually purchase the soda package on the ships. Nothing tastes so good as a nice cold diet coke when your sitting out in the sun. Last time we cruised with Norwegian they served coke products so we both purchased the package. Before we joked about what we would do if they served Pepsi. Thinking that would never happen I wasn't worried. We got on board and went to get our insulated cups when I looked and the cups said Pepsi on them. I can't stand the taste of Pepsi so luckily they refunded me my money and I figured I would live without anything. I wished I had packed some crystal light packets with me, but figured I wouldn't die. The second day at sea we got talking with a couple from Minnesota and somehow we got to talking about them switching to Pepsi. She said that she had found out before and brought bottles of coke on board. After lunch we went back to our chairs and she had brought me one of her bottles of diet coke. We had an instant friendship and it was fun seeing them around the boat and visiting with them. They also found out we were LDS and we got talking about the church and he was so shocked to find out that we had never drank alchol. He was very impressed and even high-fived Steve for it. Maybe if the missionaires stop by their house they will let them in to find out more. We meet another LDS family and a kid from Vernal that we had fun talking to.

We didn't pull the camera out much so we only have a few pictures. In Samana we just stayed on board. It was windy and they were having a hard time with the tenders. It's a new port so not much to do on shore. At St. Thomas we took a taxi over to Magens Bay and went swimming. After that we got dressed and looked around the stores.
In Tortola we went scuba diving the RMS rone. It was the second ship that had been named unsinkable. They now do not say that about ships. It was one of my favorite dives. We got to swim through the propellers of the ship and that was cool. Steve had his dive camera so I will post the dive later.

Just some of the fun towel animals they made for us. The monkey hanging from the ceiling was my favorite.

My favorite stop on a cruise is their private island. It is so relaxing and nice. They bring food out so your never hungry and you get to lay around and play in the ocean. We found that we had to keep shirts on most of the trip to keep from sun burning. We even had 30 sun screen that we applied alot. It was a great trip we had beautiful weather and nice ports to see. I love spending time with my best friend.