Sunday, July 11, 2010

July flying by...

It seems like July is always a busy month jammed packed with celebrations and reunions and for us time at the cabin and boating. This year was so cold that we only took the boat out once in June. For the fourth weekend we headed out to the cabin and boating on Starvation. It was just me and Steve on Friday and the water was glassy. We couldn't resist it so we went down to the end of the lake without any other boats and each took a turn skiing. I don't know how Steve was able to drive and also take a picture. It is so much fun to ski on smooth water.
That night Taryn, her friend Cambri, Greg and Laureen came up to the cabin. We went out and built a fire and roasted marshmellows.
I love that my kids get along and enjoy being together. There is nothing like sitting around a fire and talking. Saturday we took the kids out on the boat. I love the fact that on a national holiday Starvation doesn't feel crowded. The water was a bit choppy but the kids got out and played. That night Taryn and her friend left. Sunday we went to church and about froze to death. At least I about did. I didn't pack a sweater to wear to church thinking that it was July and would not be cold. I guess I should always be prepared up there for cold weather. Greg and Lauren went home that afternoon.
Russell and Cristal and their family were out staying at the ranch so I got to take my nieces for a ride and get to know them a bit better. Russell will soon be moving to Wyoming and we won't get to see them as much. He has great kids and the girls are fun to be around. I wish them alot of luck on their new adventure.
Wednesday afternoon me and Brenley, Lisa and Janet went out to the cabin for a little retreat. It was awesome to just visit and hang out with such wonderful women. It was a special treat for me because they did all the cooking. We went on a couple of four-wheeler rides, but spent the majority of the time sitting around and talking.
Thursday night we got a special treat when Heather and Kevin and the girls flew in from Georgia. I have missed those little ones so much. They will be staying with us for a few weeks. Kevin is interviewing with a company in Lehi and flies tomorrow to California for an advance interview. Our prayers are that they will soon be back in Utah.

Friday we headed back out to the cabin and Saturday went to Starvation. My mom, Carly, Sammy, Kellee, Carsen and Kylie went with us to the lake. Berkley hated her life-jacket so instead of having making her scream on the boat we went over to the big sandy beach to let the girls play.

Braelyn and Kiley are such good friends that you wouldn't know that they hadn't seen each other for almost a year. While the kids played on the beach the rest of us went out on the boat and I was able to ski on glassy water.
It was a great birthday and being able to be out on the lake with family made it even better. I hope I get to spend the next 20 birthdays there.