Monday, October 26, 2009

Friends, friends and more friends

This week me and my high school friends were finally able to get together. Gini and Leisa meet me at the cabin and we drove to Heber to check out all the cute boutiques and do some shopping. Later that afternoon we meet up with Annette for dinner in Kamas. Then we drove back to the cabin and visited until midnight. Leisa and Gini had to head home that night, so me and Annette were able to visit some more before we feel asleep. The next morning after breakfast and a quick ride, Annette left for a quick visit to her mom and then home. I'm grateful that I had such great friends to grow up with. It's amazing that we still have so much in common. Can't wait until next year.
Friday night Galloways and Krugers came up for the night. It was nice just to have adults and be able to visit without all the kids wanting attention.

I knew it would be cold so Ali brought up her snuggi and even shared with me.
It was cold the next morning but we bundled up and went four-wheeling. The leaves are gone, but it's still beautiful. My nephew had seen a moose earlier that morning so we were all on the look-out for it. Whoever spies it first gets to choose where we eat for the next year. I guess we will take turns since nobody spotted it.
That night we played games. I love to play card games and it was fun to have someone to do that with. After cards we switched to catch phrase and we all about died laughing when someone tried to describe hanky-panky. I will never be able to hear that word again without laughing.

Becky showing off her CNA skills getting a sliver out of Steve's finger. I had a great time this week with friends. The cabin is a perfect place to get-together and just relax. We have had so much fun with friends the last couple of weeks that we need to start inviting earlier next year so we can have more memories.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend with friends

We had such a fun weekend with our friends Ben and Jolene. We lived in the same ward in Layton with them and still enjoy spending time together. They arrived Friday night and we stayed up until 1:30 catching up on our lives. For anybody that knows me that is amazing. My bedtime is usually around 9:00.
We had the best weather. Beautiful and sunny. Not so great for the deer hunters but awesome for us. We took off on the four-wheelers up to Tom's cabin. Jolene got out her fishing pole and I said she should put a swedish fish on the end, she did and Steve and Ben told us that it was a dumb idea. About 5 minutes later she caught one. In fact she caught 5 fish while we were there. I enjoyed myself just sitting in the warm sunshine and watching. The men took off to four-wheel so Jolene had to kill and take the fish off the hook. We decided it was easier to kill it first and then take the hook off it's mouth. I was no help. I really don't like touching things.

Here is Ben taking his four-wheeler up a steep hill. He didn't make it the first time, but did the second time. I can't watch people do things like that.
The view at the top is breathtaking. You can see forever. Luckily for us there weren't any deer hunters.

Right before they left we brought the pistols out to shoot. I think I scared Ben and Jolene to death because I'm horrible at shooting. I really need to practice, I just wish they had really cheap fake bullets to practice with. The real ones are too costly. The day ended to soon and we had to head back to the real world. Thanks Ben and Jolene for the great time.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun two weeks

We have had a great two weeks. I went with Steve to Florida to work. He worked and I relaxed. I do have to laugh that they call it the sunshine state, because it's mostly cloudy when I visit. I didn't mind the clouds because it was so hot. The hotel had a pool and I was the only one that layed out during the day. So it was very relaxing. I don't think I could handle more then a week of doing nothing. On Friday we loaded up and headed to Georgia. Heather and Kevin live about 6 hours away from where Steve works. We were a little early so we just walked in to surprise them. Braelyn shouted out our names and came and gave us a big hug. Berkley just looked at us and then came and sat on my lap. It felt so good to have my arms around them again. I couldn't show up emty handed and heeded Heather when she said they didn't need anymore clothes or toys, so I bought them each an umbrella and Braelyn some cute boots to play in the rain.
The girls love being outside so we spent most of our time out there. Luckily it had cooled down a bit from our trip in August and I could handle being out there.

I saw this cute haunted house kit at Macy's. You make the form with chocolate rice krispies. I can handle that. Then we let Braelyn decorate it however she wanted. Heather helped do Berkley's.
We were able to attend church with them. Luckily they only live 10 minutes from the building. Their ward has been very friendly and welcoming to them. It was fun to meet some of them. They had one new member that after church has a bag of candy that he hands out to all the kids. They have nick named him the candy man.

One of my Grandpa's cousins live in their ward and it was his 91st birthday so we were invited over for cake and ice-cream. Afterwards we visited with him. It was amazing the things he could recall and the stories he told of my dad and grandpa. It just goes to show what a small world this is. I tried to make every minute count and here is a picture of me and Braelyn dressing up to go to dinner at the queen's house. The weekend went to fast and we had to leave that night to make it to the cruise the next day.
Our first stop on the cruise was Key West. It was bigger then I thought and the houses were so cool. I would have loved to walk through them. We just walked around the town taking in the sites.
We went to a musuem and learned alot about the history of Key West. At one time they had more millionaires then anywhere in the United States. It was a fun town to visit but I don't think I would want to live there.
The second day we were in Cozumel. At the last minute we booked a snorkeling trip. We meet alot of nice people of the trip, but once you scuba dive, snorkeling is a bit boring. That night was formal night. We got our own table facing the ocean and had a nice dinner. I do love being able to try new food. We usually try two appetizers. The deserts were a bit disappointing. I guess that is good since then we only ordered one.
Here was the exciting part of the cruise. We were still at dock in Cozumel and were planning on taking off in an hour. A storm rolled in, just as the Carnival cruise ship took off. We were on the top deck and felt a big rock of the ship. We thought it was from the waves of the Carnival cruise ship taking off. We were talking to some friends we had made on the snorkeling trip when over the speaker we heard "Echo, Echo all crew members to deck four". Then we knew something was up and ran across the deck and this is what we saw. Carnival had crashed into us. Everyone from our boat ran up to the top and all of Carnival's people were on their side. Luckily no serious damage and they were able to get pushed off us and on their way. We did have alot of fun harrasing the Carnival cruisers.
We were grateful in Belize that they just anchor and we didn't have to be close to Carnival. In Belize we took the cave river run. It was fun and we got to see alot of Belize while driving to it. We bought a cheap water camera so I have to wait to get the pictures developed and then I will post them. The last day was a day at sea and the weather was perfect. Not a cloud in sight. They were running a spa special so I talked Steve into doing it. My girl was wonderful and I felt so relaxed after it. Steve didn't have the same luck. We spent the day outside soaking up the sun and of course eating. It was fun to be with Steve and I'm lucky I have someone in my life that I enjoy spending time with.