Sunday, June 16, 2013

Taryn and Bret, May 29th

 On May 29th, this beautiful girl married her best friend in the Manti temple.  His parents and grandparents were married in the Manti temple and I think they were happy when we found out the Timpangoos Temple was closed that week for cleaning.  The Manti temple is gorgeous and it was fun to get to walk around inside it.  I held up and didn't cry until my three other kids stood up inside the sealing room to give her a hug.  It is a a mother's dream to be inside the temple with all of her children and husband.  Taryn looked so pretty and happy.  They are a darling couple. 

 They are so goofy when they get together, but they really do love and respect each other and would do anything for each other. 
 Steve found this stump and carved it for a cake stand.  It now resides up at the cabin. 

 These little girls are so cute, they have had fun playing during the receptions. 
 They had to start telling each other jokes so they wouldn't cry during the Dad-daughter dance.  Miles was pretty good during it all. 

Congratulations Taryn and we are so excited to have Bret in our family.