Sunday, September 26, 2010

Missionaries and Moms

When Greg left on his mission it was really hard on me. I missed being able to talk to him when I wanted and his easy going personality around the house. He also always emptied the dishwasher for me and that's a chore I hate. But what surprised me was that I missed his friends also. While he was serving I thought it would be great when he came home to have all his friends and Mom's up to the cabin for a night so we could hear about their missions. I'm thankful that both of my boys had such good friends. All of Greg's friends served faithful missions and I grateful for their influence in his life.
When Greg got engaged and planned to get married in July I figured that the night at the cabin wouldn't happen. His friend Landon didn't get home from his mission until August so we couldn't do it before the wedding. Luckily Greg still wanted to and I have a wonderful daughter-in-law that didn't mind Greg leaving for a night.

A couple of the moms weren't able to make it and I appreciate Rebecca, Deb and Elaine for coming up. I didn't know Deb or Elaine and it was fun getting to know them. We had dinner and then sat around while the boys talked about their missions.
It's amazing to think that they each spent two-years of their lives serving their Heavenly Father and that they are still goofy.
Around 10:30 they decided they needed to do a night-time loop run. I just had to take this shot of Dave in my coat. I think he looks better in it then me. Greg and Taylor lead the way up the road in the ranger and told us that up on the mountain, Taylor jumped out of the ranger and hid on the side of the road to scare the other two four-wheelers. Dave and Alex were the next ones by and Taylor got them good. Landon and Jacob were on the second four-wheeler and didn't even get scared. Taylor said it sounded like a good idea to scare them until he was left by the side of the road in the dark. Jacob had to get to his job early on Saturday so they left around 7:30. Me and Landon's mom woke the boys up at 9:00 for breakfast and then they had to leave. Greg and the rest went four-wheeling, shot my gun and then packed up and went home.
This is the moon coming up over the mountain on Thursday night. Steve thought it was appropriate to take a picture of the moon coming up over Moon Ranch.
The weather was beautiful and the fall colors are out. The quakes are very bright and yellow this year. Good times at the cabin.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A bear are you kidding!

I'm sure many of you have heard about our bear sighting at the cabin this weekend. Here are the details. Me and Steve went out to the cabin Thursday afternoon. Friday night our friends the Krugers came out. Saturday morning I ran back to Cedar Hills to attend the wedding luncheon of our friends the Bates. Their daughter Jessica got married. In the meantime the Hudgins and Greg and Lauren went out to the cabin. I got back around 3:00 and soon after the Hudgins and Steve, Greg and Lauren came back from a four-wheeler ride. We were sitting out on the deck eating some yummy homemade salsa and visiting. After about an hour the men left and it was just us women talking. We got up and headed back inside the cabin when I happened to glance out in the field. Between our two pines trees I thought I saw a bear walking. I said to Ali "what animal is that" She replied "A Bear". I ran into the cabin to get the binoculars the whole time screaming "A Bear, A Bear". Everyone came running out to the deck to see it. When we couldn't see it from the deck we decided to head down to the river and look. Yes I know it wasn't smart and to top it off me and Lauren had our flip flops on. My thought in all of this is I just have to run faster then Larry who was leading the pack. I hung towards the back worrying about running in flip-flops. We searched all over and couldn't find it. We then had the brighter idea to get on the four-wheelers and search up the canyon for it. While I was getting my shoes on (yes I do have a brain), Larry had taken off on his four-wheeler. Steve figured that the noise would scare the bear off and we would diminish our chance of seeing it again, so he stayed home and Greg and Lauren joined me in the ranger and Talithia rode her four-wheeler. We crossed the river and just up a the hill Larry had stopped and was pointing towards the river. We stopped and immediately Greg and Lauren saw the bear. I had a harder time finding him with the camera. Luckily I did get that shot of it. Talithia said while we were pointing and screaming the bear turned and looked right at us. I wish I could have got a shot of that. He just kept heading along the river and up the valley. We followed on the four-wheelers but didn't get another chance at a picture. Lauren and Greg spotted it again, but I couldn't find it in the camera. Larry guessed it to weigh about 350 lbs. It was a full grown bear. We named him Fred in honor of Greg's friend. I never thought I would see a bear that close to the cabin right in the middle of the day. I hope it's the last time I do. The scary part is he was right by the head gate that Steve is always opening and closing.
With all the excitement we didn't get dinner going until late that night. The Hudgins left that night. Steve got up early Sunday to fulfill his new calling as High Priest Group Leader back in Cedar Hills. The rest of us stayed and attended Church in Tabionia. That afternoon we laid around talking and reading. It was nice to be able to relax and do nothing.

Greg and Lauren had to go home that night. Greg had to work on Labor Day and Lauren needed to get things ready for teaching.

That night we drove up the switch backs to check the troughs for my mom. We alway like an excuse to use the four-wheelers. The ranger was perfect for Ali with her hurt foot.
I think the Krugers should use this as there Christmas card. The view is beautiful.
I don't think me and Steve will be using this one. The view is great but not so much the outfit.

The next day Chris and Bubba helped Steve move some of the old pipes that were sitting by the river. It looks much better. It was a busy but fun weekend and made more enjoyable spending time with friends and family. It never matters how long we are up there we always hate coming home.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lake Powell

We haven't been to Lake Powell for a few years and it's a place we would love to go every year if we could. Now that the kids are older and have jobs and school it is really hard to find a time to go. Taryn told Steve that she could go in August so he booked the hotel and told her the date and she said she could go every weekend but that one. Luckily Greg and Lauren were able to go with us.
A few years back we decided to try staying in a hotel instead of camping on the beach. I loved that option and we have been doing it ever since. It is so refreshing to come back and shower and sleep in an air conditioned room. And the biggest perk is I don't have to cook dinner. All I have to pack is food for lunch and a few clothes. It's great! We got there late Wednesday night and hit the lake early Thursday morning. Thursday was a perfect Lake Powell day. The sun was out, the water was smooth and with school starting that week the lake was not busy at all. We hit Navajo Canyon and did some skiing and then drove to Rainbow Bridge.

We found this little cove off Rainbow Bridge were it was nice and shady and had lunch and cooled off.
Before his mission Greg mostly wake-boarded but since his return the ski is his favorite.

This was Greg and Lauren's favorite spot on the boat. They did spend a fair amount of time sleeping here.

We had to have one picture with all of us. This is as creative as we get.
We found a canyon marked Labryinth Canyon and decided to explore it. It was narrow and twisty. We saw a boat ahead of us and would have turned around sooner, but knowing they made it we plunged ahead.
It was a cool canyon. I'm glad Steve drives them, it would make me to nervous.
We were only able to stay for three days. We decided to play around Lone Rock on Saturday and realized that nobody had used the wake-boards. Greg wanted to double on them and talked Lauren into going with him.

When they were done he asked me if I wanted to go. I haven't been on a wake-board for years. I really can't take the pain when you crash on one so I've stayed off it. Of course I had to take the challenge and got up. I feel really un-coordinated once I get up and can hardly get out of the wake. Luckily I got out but never attempted to get back in. I did surf the wake abit but that is all I can do on a wake-board.

Can you believe how talented I am and the muscle control I have to be able to do this in the middle of the Lake. I can't either and the rock that was out there helped.
We played around on this rock and it took us a few minutes to figure out what the big long scrapes on the rock were. Quite a few props have been destroyed when the lake is deeper. It's right in the middle of a huge canyon. It was a fun and relaxing few days. Can't wait to go next year.