Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fair time and high school reunion

Thursday morning after a final me and Heather and the girls took off to Duchesne for a weekend.  It was Duchesne's Fair week and my 30th high school reunion. 

 We went over Thursday night to eat and ride the carnival rides.  We meet Kellee and her girls there.  I got my Navajo taco and was a happy girl. 
Bellamy sat in the stroller for about 15 minutes that night.  We got the girls wristbands so they could ride all they wanted and they did.  On one ride Berkley hooked up with Tyler's little girl Navyie and then declared she was Berkley's new best friend and wanted to ride all the rides with her. 

Braelyn has wanted her hair cut short for along time and we called Jodi and she fit her in.  I did not get an after shot, but she looks darling and loves it.  After the hair cut we loaded up two cars with 8 little girls and headed to Amy's house to see her ducks. Navyie was so funny chasing these ducks around the yard.  Then Karsen decided she was a duck and spent over an hour bent over with her arms like wings and quacking like a duck. 

 Saturday Mom and Heather walked around the fair and then watched the parade and fireworks.  Friday night me and Leisa and Gini went up to the lake and visited with some of our classmates.  Saturday night was the big dinner and get together.  We had 18 of us and it was nice to visit and catch up on our lives.  I'm excited to get together in another five years.