Saturday, March 10, 2012

The boy is back in town!

I had to chuckle to myself when I would tell people that Taylor would be home on March 6th and the common reply was "Wow that went fast". Well maybe for them, but not for me. It has been a long four years with Greg out on his mission and Taylor leaving shortly after Greg got home. His flight was arriving at 9:30 am. We were at the airport with a 1/2 hour to spare. We knew he was flying in with another Elder and a Sister. A family had gathered by us and then all of a sudden one of them said we are in the wrong terminal and they all took off. So we checked the flight screen and we also were in the wrong terminal. I had called Delta earlier and they told me this flight was arriving at gate C. The board said the flight was arriving at gate B. We took off to the other terminal and when we got their the board said that their plane had landed. We waited and waited. Finally Taryn saw a sister missionary and no family to greet her so she went over to tell her that her family could be in the next terminal. She then informed us that Taylor and the other missionary were waiting in the Delta terminal. About that time Steve got a call on his phone with Taylor asking where we were.

Taylor said him and Elder Watson were both nervous to see their families and they got down the escalators and neither family was there. By the time we got there he already had his luggage and we were able to take off.

I was talking with Elder Watson's mom before we realized we were in the wrong place and both of us had dreams that our sons just took a cab home. Heather got permission from Braelyn's teacher to let us stop by the school and have Taylor surprise her. She was cute and screamed his name and gave him a big hug. We came home and fixed a big cabin breakfast and found out that Taylor had eaten so much on his mission that he hardly has an appetite anymore. I'm sure after a week it will come back.

Taylor was an awesome missionary and we are so proud of the way he represented us and his Savior. Many lives were changed because of him. I am so grateful that both of my boys were willing to serve. The cliche is true that you send out a boy and get a man in return. Welcome home Taylor.