Monday, December 17, 2012

Annual Candy Making Night

I have always made candy during the Christmas season and a few years ago we got all the kids together one night and spent it making different candy.  It was fun and we started a new tradition.
Everyone came over Sunday night and we handed out recipes and put everyone to work.  Pinterest is a great place to find new recipes and this year we tested out some new ones.  Poor Heather started on dishes and was stuck for along time as we all kept throwing dishes her way. 

They all turned out but we learned that brownie mix in muffin tins stick.  Taylor spent 20 minutes trying to get 24 mini brownies out.  They taste really great.  After working so hard we played pounce.  I found this game at the mall and we loved playing it.  I think I loaned it to a neighbor who never returned it so me and Berkley made our own version of it.  She had fun putting beads on a string to make the mice.  It's the dumbest game but so much fun.  We always laugh so hard.  Fun night with my husband and kids. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


 This year we spent Thanksgiving out in Duchesne with my family.  At least my brother Ken and his family.  We went out thinking everyone was coming and it ended up they all had different plans so it was a small gathering.  My Mom is an excellent cook and the food was wonderful.  It was nice to have everyone be able to sit at a table and small enough to have a good visit. 

Bellamy loves her papa.  Braelyn and Berkley were in California with their Dad so Bellamy was the only child there.  I will admit that I'm horrible about taking pictures.  I just don't think of it so these are the only shots I have of Thanksgiving.  At least I got one shot of my awesome children.  We were just missing Greg and Lauren.