Monday, August 24, 2009

Road trip to Georgia

Much to our dismay we loaded up the moving truck last Monday and Tuesday afternoon me and Steve took off to Georgia. This is how big we were. We pulled up by an eighteen wheeler and we were about 2 feet shorter. Being this big made the trip very interesting. Also when you are towing a vehicle you can't back up, so we had to be very careful about the exits we took and where we gased up and where we stayed the night.

In a car the trip is supposed to take 31 hours. In a moving truck the trip took 40 hours. I have never enjoyed road trips and was not excited about this one, but me and Steve had a great time.
I thought it was a beautiful drive once we left Wyoming. Missouri really surprised me at how green it was. In my mind I had always pictured it dry and ugly. Maybe because of the way they treated the early mormons. We loved seeing all the cool old barns and I would love to go back and photograph them.
We thought this sign was pretty funny. At times we felt like we were nowhere.
We would get up and leave the motel by six and drive until 9:oo. Luckily for us their are alot of rest stops along the way. We could only ride for about 2 hours and then we had to stretch our legs.
I got a GPS for christmas and this tool will save or marriage and allow us to go on road trips. We hit St. Louis and I was driving. Because of road construction they had a detour through the city. We were going all over and would have been completely lost without the GPS. It was scary for me to drive and at one time I had to get across three lanes of traffic in about 20 seconds. Not easy in a car, but in the truck it was scary. Luckily I did and we made it through.
I can't wait to drive it again, although this time in a car. Georgia is really pretty and the people we meet were so nice and friendly. I guess it's that southern hospitality coming out. Kevin found a nice little three-bedroom home to rent in a quiet neighborhood. It's a college town and they have the busiest wal-mart in Georgia. I will be grateful for our quiet wal-mart in Cedar Hills. The ward is so nice and alot of people dropped over on Saturday with food and to welcome them into the ward. We meet one of their cute neighbors on a walk and she had the best accent. I love the way they talk. I wish Heather and Kevin the best and I think they will really love the time they spend in Georgia. That is if they get used to the humidity.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Taylor's party

We had talked of Taylor inviting some friends up to the cabin all summer, so we finally found a date that worked with us. They loaded up in a van and came out Friday afternoon. They were only in the cabin for a few minutes when they decided to hike the mountain. I was outside shucking corn so I watched them and it only took them a few minutes to hike up and around the cliff. Wouldn't it be great to be young and have energy again.
Zach brought out some guns and Taylor had his so they went shooting. Some of the girls had never shot a gun before. I think Shea was the only girl that enjoyed it.

They all graduated this year so I decided to see how smart the kids from Lone Peak are and had them play this is a fork, this is a spoon game. Didn't seem to smart to me.

The weather forcast for this weekend was not good. A high of 71 on the wasatch front. The weather out in the basin is always different, but since we were going boating I was worried. We woke up to a brisk 50 degrees, but it was sunny.
By the time we got to Starvation I think it was in the 70's. They started the day cliff jumping. The water was warm but when you climbed back out the air was chilly.

A couple of the kids had never jumped off a cliff. Once they climbed on the boat, they all commented that it wasn't a very high cliff. But at least they were safe.
Derrick had to be last. We got a few hours of good water and sunshine and then the winds started so we ended the party early. They were a great good of kids and very easy to be around. What impressed me was the girls all had modest swimsuits on and no drama. Taylor said that's why their his friends.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moon Reunion

I'm sure this will come as a big surprise but we went up to the cabin again this weekend. Heather and the girls were able to come with us. On Friday morning Braelyn looked out the window and said there's deer. We looked out and saw the cows and told her they were cows. She said there were deer and we looked up on the hill and saw about 7 deer coming out of the trees and running up the mountain. They were also there on Saturday morning. They must sleep in the trees. One mother had little twins running behind her. It's amazing how fast they can travel. I wish I had that ability.

Both Braelyn and Berkley love to go for four-wheeler rides so we loaded up the ranger and went on the loop. After you get to the top there is this old corral. I think it is beautiful and wish I could go back in the past and see it in use. Steve would have loved to live back then and spend the summer up in the mountains. When my Grandmother first got married she lived in a tent up in the mountains, while Grandpa herded sheep.

Saturday was the reunion at the ranch. Wade and Karen's kids are some of my favorite cousins and I love visiting with them and catching up on their lives. Karen had planned games to play that afternoon but we were all content to visit and the kids were having a ball running around and playing in the ditch and on the four-wheeler.
Braelyn was so happy when Kilee came. They have turned into best friends and they spent the day playing.
Here is Berkley with my nieces daughter Kali. I wanted to show Berkley's big brown eyes and Kali's big blue eyes, but my camera isn't that good. It was a great weekend and I'm lucky to be part of such a wonderful family.