Friday, December 16, 2011

Bellamy Moon Allred is here.

Bellamy Moon Allred came into this world two weeks early weighing 10 lbs and 2 oz. She was 22 inches long. Heather kept saying she was so big that this baby was going to be big, but when I would see her on skpe I didn't think she looked that big. Heather became allergic to this baby and had been itching for a couple of weeks. Her hip was bugging her and she was pretty miserable. Now we understand why. She went to her check-up and was dilated to a 7. They sent her to the hospital where she sat at a 7 until they broke her water that night. My daughter is a super woman for delivering that big of a baby. I can't imagine what Bellamy would weigh if she had gone full-term.

She has lots of black hair and those cheeks were made to kiss.

She was having trouble breathing so they immediately took her and hooked her up. It was a scary night for Heather and Kevin without alot of sleep. That morning she was breathing better and they got to hold her. She would forget to breath when she was eating and Heather said would turn a dusky color. They think she had swallowed some of the amniotic fluid and had an infection. They put her on antibiotics and she was kept in the NICU

Even in the NICU her sister got to go in and see her.

Braelyn told me that when she would talk to Bellamy, she would open her eyes and try to look at her. I'm sure she is very familiar with her sisters voices. I remember when my Mom had my brothers and sisters and we weren't even allowed to hold them, so it's nice that they got to be that close to her.

I asked Heather if she was about 3 times the size of all the other babies in the NICU and she said yes. I just talked to her and her infection is gone, but she has some blockage problems that they need to figure out. Yesterday she did not have a wet diaper. So she is back on the IV and they won't feed her with a bottle today until they figure out what is wrong. Thank goodness for modern medicine and the power of prayer. It's great to belong to such a big family and know that you can count on their love and prayers. We hope they can figure out this latest development and soon be home with her family. I told Heather that they better get all the holding in because once I'm there that baby is not leaving my arms. Love you Bellamy.