Monday, September 29, 2008

No Camera

We left early Thursday morning to go up to the cabin. As soon as we hit Woodland and I saw the beautiful fall colors I thought about taking a picture. Then I realized that in our hurry we left it at home. The drive was beautiful. At the cabin we thought we could relax more, but of course we found plenty of things to do and each night we would crash with exhaustion. Friday night we decided to cross the river and head up the valley by the cabin. Steve was driving and to the side I noticed a big black shape, then I saw the antlers and realized it was a Moose. The first thing that ran through my mind was that more people are killed in Alaska from Moose attacks then bear attacks. So I yelled at Steve to look, wondering how we could turn the four-wheeler around and if we could go faster then a moose. I didn't need to worry, the Moose looked at us and then turned and walked across the river and up the mountain. It was a big old bull Moose. Later that night Steve went looking and saw a couple of Elk and a three-point deer. And of course we didn't have our camera. Saturday we went for a drive up Rhodes Canyon. At times you felt like you were driving through a tunnel of trees and around every corner we were astonished at how beautiful it was. At one spot all the trees were a bright orange. The camera is going in the car today so I will have it this week to take pictures of nature in all its splendor.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Major work at cabin finished.

After five years of hard work in the summer we can finally say that all the major work at the cabin is finished. Last weekend Steve crossed off all the items on our list. Does that mean when we go out we will never have to work. I wish but it does mean we can do things at a much slower pace. Hopefully we will be ready to landscape next year. We have loved having friends and family come up and spend time with us. I'm looking forward to having my high-school friends come up in October and staying up all night talking. Okay we are to old for that, but hopefully we can make it to midnight. ""

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

Ali and Aubrey can't believe how chunky Berkley is. How come it's so cute when babies are fat?
Taylor is hoping to get that big buck on the bow hunt. Steve messed up on the permits and got a rifle permit instead of a bow permit so he is the designated driver for Taylor. Unfortunately the only buck they have seen is while Steve was relaxing out on our bedroom deck at the cabin.
We don't care if it's cold we are going to sit around the fire.
Taryn telling Heather how to make her famous rapid fire mouth bursts. I can't give you the recipe, but they are wonderful.
I think the Allred clan is worn out. That is everyone but Braelyn, I don't think she ever gets tired.
Papa with baby Berkley. Even though the weather was cold it was fun hanging out with family and friends and being at the cabin.


Steve, Heather and Taryn did their first mini-triathlon. It was held in Orem. They swam, biked and then ran. They were all worried about the swimming portion of the race. But they all completed it. The girls were impressed with their old man who not only kept up, but stayed right with them. I'm proud of all of them.