Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lake Powell

 We finally made it back to Lake Powell.  Heather, Taryn & Bret, and Taylor & Youngsun were able to join us.  We left early Wednesday morning and we got on the lake around 2:00.  We launched at Wahweap and just played around Lone Rock that day.  The lake is down 46 feet so the cut through is gone and we didn't want to waste an hour going through the main channel.  The water felt amazing, it is so nice to jump in and not have that initial shock. 



 Taryn and Bret wanted to see if they both could get up on the skim-skate at the same time.  It didn't work.

The next day we launched at Antelope point and headed down the main channel.  It 
 was a great day, a bit overcast which was nice. 




 Taylor and Youngsun made it out Thursday night.  Taylor had a final that morning. 

 Another great day playing around on the lake. 







 Taylor was the only one brave enough or crazy enough to jump off a cliff. 


 Then the tubes came out.  I have no desire to tube and it was fun for me and Steve to watch them. 



 We were having such a good time playing that we didn't notice the storm building up.  We took off and kept debating whether to wait the storm out or get off.  Heading to the main channel we spotted a boat being towed by a wave runner.  We stopped and found out he had run out of gas, so we hooked him up and headed out.  We couldn't get the boat to plane so we found him a sandy beach to anchor down and his friend on the wave runner headed out to get some gas.  It was scary on the main channel.  The storm was picking up and it even hailed on us for a few minutes.  When we got to the ramp I started to run up it and luckily a family gave me a ride up to the truck.  The lake is so low that the ramps are way down.  The lightening was horrible and I was thankful to get the boat on the trailer and
 everyone safe inside the truck. 


Our cameras battery was low so this is the only picture we got of the flash flood.  To get back to the hotel we have to cross a bridge that goes over Antelope wash.  It is a famous hike.  The flash flood filled up the wash which is 40-50 feet deep and spread out.  It was crazy watching this wall of mud roaring down the wash.  You could smell the mud.  We got to the hotel and the wash ran behind it.  They haven't had a flood like this for 8 years.  It even ran out on the main highway and they had to shut it down. We were lucky we left when we did and got back to the hotel before they shut everything down.  We played the next day until 3:00 then headed home.  It was a great trip and fun to spend that much time with our children. 


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